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Eve has been one to journal for years, probably since 2001 or earlier. She calls her journal entries, My Letters to God. It is in these letters to God, where she is able to pour out her heart to the Lord and be very honest with what she is feeling. The inspiration for this book came when her and her husband were experiencing some health challenges and she told God she didn’t want to come out of this the same person. At the time, Eve did not know what she activated as she spoke those words, but for the next few months, the Lord did just that. He began to do a greater work within her and that is where Going Through the Process was birthed. God began to awaken, refine, and shape Eve’s spiritual identity. 
Going Through the Process is a devotional tool that will assist you in your personal refining process to bring you closer to the Lord and make you whole in Him.

Going Through the Process

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